Will County And Chicago Wrong-Way Driver Crashes

Drivers who drive in the wrong direction continue to present a serious traffic safety problem.  Numerous “wrong-way” crashes have been summarized on this site in posts found under the “Wrong-Way Drivers” category.

These “wrong-way driver” crashes are notable in many regards.  The crashes usually involve extremely strong physical forces.  These forces lead to tremendous physical trauma to all vehicle occupants.  It is common for one or more fatalities to result in such crashes.

There have been many efforts made to curtail or eliminate this type of collision.   Among the efforts include enhanced expressway monitoring by law enforcement as well as addition of signs alerting drivers if they are driving in the wrong direction.

While there can be various reasons as to why a driver is traveling in the wrong direction, a common reason for such negligent driving is due to driver impairment.  This driver impairment can be caused by alcohol and/or drug use.

On Monday (September 6, 2021) there were at least two Chicago-area wrong-way driver crashes.  One happened on I-80 in Will County and another happened on DuSable Lake Shore Drive near Bryn Mawr Avenue.

The I-80 crash led to three fatalities.  This fatal collision is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the September 6, 2021 Frankfort Patch article titled “3 Killed In Wrong-Way Crash On I-80:  Illinois State Police.”  An excerpt:

Officials said a Chicago woman driving a 2011 Brown Kia Optima was going the wrong way on I-80 when she ran head-on into another car, killing her as well as two people in the other vehicle.

At 12:17 a.m., police said the Optima was headed east on I-80 west near Wolf Road and was in the left lane, where it hit a 2019 red Nissan Versa.

The deadly crash occurred as the Versa was in the left lane on I-80 west approaching milepost 144, according to police.

The three people killed in the crash were declared dead at the accident scene.  Their identities are disclosed in the article.

The second “wrong-way crash” occurred on DuSable Lake Shore Drive.  This crash is discussed in a variety of articles, including the September 8, 2021 abc7chicago.com article titled “5 hurt in DuSable Lake Shore Drive crash after driver goes wrong way near Edgwater:  Chicago police.”  An excerpt:

Five people were hurt early Monday when a driver went the wrong way on DuSable Lake Shore Drive on the North Side, Chicago police said.

CPD said a white Chevy sedan was going south in the northbound lanes about 2 a.m., and the car collided with a black Toyota sedan near Bryn Mawr Avenue, in the 5600-block of DuSable Lake Shore Drive.

The five people injured suffered a range of injuries.  Among those injured included one person who was critically injured and three other vehicle occupants who were in serious condition.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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