Two Fatal Chicago Area “Hit & Run” Accidents

“Hit & Run” accidents continue to occur in the Chicago metropolitan area.  On this site, injury accidents in which a driver flees the accident scene are summarized in the “Hit & Run” category.

While there are many reasons as to why a driver leaves the accident scene, a common reason is that the driver does not want to be held accountable for the consequences resulting from the accident.  In many instances the driver who flees the accident scene is at fault for the accident, and may have been driving recklessly.  As well, the driver may have been impaired by either alcohol and/or drug use at the time of the accident.

The driver may also fear an encounter with police if the driver has committed a crime before the accident, or is driving a stolen car.

There have been a number of recent fatal “hit & run” accidents in the Chicago area.  Two are summarized below:

On August 23, 2018 there was a fatal accident in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park neighborhood.  This accident is discussed in the August 24, 2018 article (with video) titled “Man fatally struck in West Humboldt Park; police investigating as deadly hit-and-run.”  According to Chicago Police, the accident occurred at West Division Street and North Cicero Avenue.  Chicago Police went to the accident scene at 3:15 a.m.  The deceased man, identified as Jimmy Lispier, 42, of Chicago, may have been riding a bicycle at the time of the accident.

This accident remains under investigation by the Chicago Police Department Major Accident Investigation Unit.

On Wednesday (August 29, 2018) evening there was a fatal “hit & run” accident in Evanston.  This accident is discussed in August 30, 2018 Evanston Now article titled “Pedestrian killed in Howard hit-and-run.”  This accident happened at Howard Street and Chicago Avenue, and involved a man who was walking in a crosswalk when he was hit by a vehicle at approximately 8:20 p.m.  The man, age 66, was taken to St. Francis Hospital for treatment of his accident injuries, where he died.

The driver of the vehicle later turned himself into Chicago Police.

This Evanston fatal pedestrian accident remains under investigation.

Additional details regarding these two “hit & run” accident can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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