Sentence Of 8 Years In Drunk Driving Case That Killed Motorcyclist In Chicago

Today Drew Forquer, 51, was sentenced for a 2008 drunk driving accident on Chicago’s Northwest Side that left one motorcyclist dead.

Forquer, who had a history of drunken-driving convictions, was sentenced to 8 years in prison today for driving his car into an opposing lane of traffic and killing a motorcyclist in 2008 on Chicago’s Northwest Side. He faces a minimum of six years in prison.

Drew Forquer was convicted of reckless homicide and aggravated drunken driving last month following a bench trial in front of Judge Clayton Crane. The judge ruled it was clear from the results of field-sobriety tests, eyewitness testimony and video of Forquer’s wide turn that he was impaired.

The motorcyclist killed was Navy veteran Jeff Bondy. He was on his way to his job as an airfield supervisor at O’Hare International Airport when the fatal accident happened at Belmont and Opal avenues.

According to his wife, he had just finished celebrating his twin children’s 10th birthdays.

More details on this story can be seen at the July 25 Chicago Tribune story titled “8 years for convicted drunk driver who killed motorcyclist.”

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