Recent Chicago Area Serious Pedestrian Crashes

Chicago pedestrian accidents, as well as those that happen throughout the greater Chicago area, continue to be a major traffic safety concern.    As seen in Chicago area pedestrian accidents, many of which have been summarized on this site, when someone is hit by a vehicle a broad range of accident injuries can occur.  Many of these injuries are serious in nature, and it is common for such injuries to be life-threatening in nature.   Many pedestrian accidents have led to the death of the pedestrian, either at the time of the accident or after some time.

Due to the severity of pedestrian accident injuries – as well as significant, if not substantial medical costs that typically occur because of extensive medical care – lawsuits are often filed by those injured in order to get compensation for these costs.  As well, compensation may be available for other costs and monetary issues, such as income that is forgone because the injured person is not able to work, either temporarily or permanently.  For those accidents that result in a fatality, wrongful death lawsuits are often filed by relevant parties.

Below is a summary of various recent numerous Chicago area pedestrian accidents:

  • A fatal pedestrian accident that occurred in the Morgan Park neighborhood on May 31, 2018.  In this accident, a woman, identified as Amy Machairas, 58, of Chicago, was struck by a car as she was walking to the train.  The collision occurred on the 1900 block of West Pryor Avenue.  The June 5, 2018 Beverly Review article (with remembrances) titled “Pedestrian struck, killed on way to train station” further discusses the accident.  An excerpt from the article:

“According to the Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs, a 24-year-old female driver was blinded by the sun when she struck Machairas. The driver was issued two citations: failure to exercise due care while a pedestrian is in a roadway and failure to carry a driver’s license. She is scheduled to appear in traffic court on July 12.”

  • An accident in which a pedestrian was hit by a car Wednesday (June 13, 2018) evening in Palos Heights.  The male pedestrian was seriously injured.  The crash happened at approximately 11:00 p.m. at 128th Street and Ridgeland.  Accident scene photos, as seen in the June 14, 2018 Palos Patch article titled “Pedestrian Hit By Car In Palos Heights” appear to indicate that the pedestrian hit the windshield of the car, as the windshield was shattered. This commonly occurs when a vehicle hits a person.
  • A fatal pedestrian accident that occurred on Vollmer Road in Matteson on June 16, 2018.  This accident is further discussed in the June 17 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Pedestrian struck and killed in SW suburbs.”

Additional details and possible updates concerning these pedestrian accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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