Proposed Plan To Widen Kennedy Expressway

There is a proposed plan to add an additional lane in each direction to the Kennedy Expressway between I-190 and Harlem Avenue. This proposed Kennedy Expressway widening would be done to reduce congestion and improve traffic safety. Additionally, other changes would be made, such as changes to the expressway’s entrances and exits.

Two excerpts from the article of February 12, 2014 titled “Kennedy Expressway Should be Widened: State Officials” :

The plan, which is estimated to cost at least $43 million, could improve safety and benefit residents of the Far Northwest Side by making a “dangerous” stretch of roadway safer, Ald. Mary O’Connor (41st) said.

The plan would improve the flow of traffic by reducing the number of entrances to the Kennedy, which is typically jammed solid eastbound by cars leaving the airport traveling downtown and packed westbound by commuters heading to jobs in the suburbs.


Between 2007 and 2011, there were 1,083 crashes on the Kennedy from I-190 and Harlem Avenue that caused 150 injures and four deaths, state officials said. A crash typically occurred every 36 hours, most near the Cumberland and Harlem interchanges, officials said.

Additional details and possible updates concerning these proposed changes to the Kennedy Expressway can be found in the article mentioned above, as well as the February 14 article titled “Plan to Add Lanes To Kennedy Expressway Motoring Ahead” as well as the article titled “Plan would widen Kennedy Expressway.”

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