Pedestrian Safety In Crosswalk At Michigan And Washington

Walking in crosswalks (with the light) is supposed to provide safe passage for pedestrians as they attempt to cross the street.  Illinois law regarding how vehicles should yield to pedestrians is strictly defined.

However, as seen in many Chicago area pedestrian accidents summarized on this site, many pedestrian accidents happen as people attempt to lawfully walk in a crosswalk.  Many such accidents have led to serious accident injuries, and in certain instances, the death of the pedestrian.

The CBS Chicago segment (article with video) of October 16, 2018 titled “Drivers Plow Through Busy Michigan Avenue Crosswalk” discusses the Chicago crosswalk at Michigan Avenue and Washington, which is described in the article as “…one of the busiest intersections in the Chicago Loop…”

As seen in the video, cars and other vehicles (including buses) routinely fail to yield to pedestrians who are walking in the crosswalk “with the light.”  Some of the vehicles come close to hitting the pedestrians as the vehicles make the turn at the intersection.

The article also discusses various instances in which pedestrians’ safety was placed in jeopardy by the vehicles that fail to yield to the pedestrians as they walked across the street.

An excerpt from the article, regarding fatal Chicago pedestrian accidents:

Pedestrian deaths are up across Chicago, with 46 people killed in city intersections last year, according to city data that shows 44 deaths in 2016. So far this year, 33 pedestrians have died in city intersections, according to a Chicago Department of Transportation spokesperson.

Additional details concerning this Chicago pedestrian safety issue can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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