The winning attorneys of Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC , Anthony R. Elman and Frederick Joseph III, settled a Chicago wrongful death case for $975,000. The State Farm insurance policy was $1,000,000. The lawsuit involved the death of an 86-year-old elderly man who died as a result of a fire at a Chicago apartment.

Eddie Fort, 86, was visiting friends at their apartment in the South Side of Chicago on Christmas Day, 2017. After everyone went to bed, a fire of an unknown origin broke out in Mr. Fort’s room. The fire engulfed the entire apartment. Despite the best efforts of the decedent’s (Eddie Fort) friends and Chicago Fire Department first responders, he did not survive.

Initial interviews with Chicago Fire Department officials indicated that there may have been some non-working smoke detectors in the multi-unit building owned by the defendant. The defendant’s insurance company, State Farm, denied that their insured was liable for any non- working smoke detectors, and refused to offer anything to the victim’s family until after they were represented by Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC. State Farm Insurance claimed that all the smoke detectors were operational and fully functioning at the time of this fire.

Drivers who are high on drugs continues to be a substantial traffic safety issue.  These drug-impaired driver incidents have increased in frequency.  Often, due to the level of impairment of these drivers who are high on drugs, serious accidents occur.  As seen in many Chicago-area accidents, as well as those nationally, these accidents often result in various serious injuries.  Often, these injuries are life-threatening in nature and result in one or more fatalities.

On Monday (February 3, 2020) there was an accident involving a woman who allegedly was driving while under the influence of drugs.  The accident happened in Riverside, on Harlem Avenue.

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The Elman Joseph Law Group won a $209,000 settlement for a Will County motorcycle accident injury case. The plaintiff was Javier Cotto and the defendant was Joan Eklund. [Name of case; Javier Cotto vs. Joan Eklund, 19 L 51 (Will County, IL); Name of (lead) lawyer: Anthony R. Elman with co-counsel attorneys, Lerner and Rowe]

The underlying motorcycle accident occurred in Crest Hill, Illinois on December 16, 2017. On that date, a motorcyclist, Javier Cotto, 34, was riding his Suzuki motorcycle eastbound along Theodore Street. At the intersection of Theodore Street and Rock Run Drive, Cotto alleges that a westbound Toyota Camry driven by Joan Eklund was attempting to make a left-hand turn and failed to yield the right-of-way, and the Camry collided with Cotto’s motorcycle.

Joan Eklund filed many affirmative defenses against Javier Cotto, alleging that he failed to keep a proper lookout; failed to keep his motorcycle in proper lane of travel; operated his motorcycle too fast for conditions; failed to yield the right of way to defendant’s vehicle; disobeyed a traffic signal; failed to activate the horn; and failed to avoid impact.

Bicycle “dooring accidents” have been extensively discussed on this site.  For those unaware, this type of bicycle crash happens when a driver who is parallel parked opens the car door as a bicyclist is approaching the car from the rear.  The bicyclist runs into the opened car door as the bike is passing the car.  As the bicyclist is typically riding at speed, the collision with the opened door – a fixed object – is usually highly traumatic.  The bicyclist can be seriously injured, and there are a wide range of injuries that can occur.  In a limited number of cases the injuries have led to the death of the bicycle rider.

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Crosswalks are supposed to provide pedestrians a way to safely cross the street.  Lawful use of the crosswalk should provide safe passage for pedestrians, as well as provide motorists guidance as to how to interact with walkers attempting to cross the street.

However, crosswalk pedestrian accidents continue to happen.  Many posts (found in the “Pedestrian Accidents” category) on this site have summarized Chicago-area pedestrian accidents in which a person was hit while lawfully walking in a crosswalk.

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As often discussed on this site, many serious pedestrian accidents have occurred while people were walking in crosswalks or otherwise lawfully walking across intersections.  While crosswalks and traffic control devices are supposed to provide a method of safe passage for walkers, in many instances accidents nonetheless occur.  Unfortunately, many people have been killed in the Chicago area while they were lawfully walking across the street.

There was a fatal Oak Park pedestrian accident Thursday (December 26, 2019) morning.  The pedestrian, identified as Karen Daniel, 62, of Oak Park, died at the accident scene after being hit by a pickup truck.  The accident occurred near the intersection of Pleasant Street and Scoville Avenue.  At the time of the incident, Daniel was walking her dog.

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Bicycle accident injuries range widely in both type and severity.  Due to the physical forces involved, as well as a bicycle’s lack of structural protection, cyclists are often seriously injured when hit by a vehicle.  As seen in many Chicago-area accidents, some cyclists are fatally injured during a crash.

On this site, types of bicycle accidents are discussed on the “Chicago Bicycle Accidents” page.   Reasons that bicycle accidents occur, and the associated injuries, are discussed on the “Chicago Bicycle Accident Injuries” page.

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Drug-impaired driving has been increasing in frequency.  Some statistics indicate that incidents of such “drugged driving” may now equal or exceed that of driving while impaired by alcohol.

On this site, accidents causing injury (including deaths) involving drug-impaired driving are summarized in posts found under the “DUI” category.  As seen in those posts, as well as other Chicago-area “drugged driver” accidents, associated accident injuries are often serious in nature and fatalities are common.

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