Drug-impaired driving has been increasing in frequency.  Some statistics indicate that incidents of such “drugged driving” may now equal or exceed that of driving while impaired by alcohol.

On this site, accidents causing injury (including deaths) involving drug-impaired driving are summarized in posts found under the “DUI” category.  As seen in those posts, as well as other Chicago-area “drugged driver” accidents, associated accident injuries are often serious in nature and fatalities are common.

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“Hit & Run” accidents continue to occur in the Chicago area.  While there are many reasons as to why a driver may leave the scene of an accident, two main reasons is that they want to avoid the consequences of causing a crash and/or the driver does not want to be charged with driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The December 4, 2019 fatal Orland Park parking lot accident was a “hit & run.” In this accident, two women were hit from behind as they were walking to their cars in a parking lot.  One of the  women was fatally struck, and another woman was injured.  The women were walking to their cars after being at the Square Celt Ale House & Grill at the Orland Square Mall.

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Pedestrian accidents often result in physical trauma to the person hit by the vehicle.  A broad range of injuries can result, varying in severity.

As seen in the Chicago pedestrian accidents discussed on this site, often these pedestrian accidents result in serious accident injuries.  These injuries can be life-threatening in nature, and some result in a fatality either immediately (at the accident scene) or at some later time.

Among common pedestrian accident injuries are broken bones, contusions, chest trauma, soft tissue damage, and various types of brain injuries, including concussions.

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When someone is hit by a car, a broad range of accident injuries can result.  As seen in the Chicago pedestrian accidents discussed on this site, often these pedestrian accidents result in serious accident injuries.  Some are life-threatening in nature, which often result in a fatality.

Among common injuries that result when someone is hit by a vehicle is broken bones, bruises, chest trauma and various types of head injuries, including concussions.  Elman Law Group recently settled a pedestrian accident which resulted in a knee injury.  This accident and resulting settlement is further discussed in the August 22 post titled “Elman Law Group Attains $775,000 Settlement In Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit.”

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An Irving Park bicycle accident led to a fatality Wednesday, November 6, 2019.  According to Chicago Police, this Irving Park bicycle accident happened at the intersection of North Milwaukee Avenue and Kilbourn Avenue.

This Irving Park bicycle accident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the Chicago Sun-Times article of November 7, 2019 titled “Driver cited for negligent driving, improper turn in crash that killed bicyclist in Irving Park.

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Anthony R. Elman, Lead Trial Attorney at the Elman Law Group, recently received a lifetime achievement award testifying to his very extensive court trial experience as a plaintiff trial attorney.

On October 24, 2019 more than 300 trial attorneys and Illinois judges attended the annual Trial Lawyer Excellence Award event at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  This event is hosted by the Jury Verdict Reporter, a division of Chicago-based Law Bulletin Media.  The event recognizes the state’s top civil litigation attorneys.

An excerpt from the 2019 Trial Lawyer Excellence Award page:

A fatal wrong-way crash occurred early Sunday (October 20, 2019) morning in Clarendon Hills.  This fatal wrong-way crash involved a SUV that was allegedly driving in the wrong direction when it collided with a Volkswagon Jetta.  This Clarendon Hills collision happened on Route 83, to the north of the 55th Street intersection.

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Pedestrian accidents in crosswalks continue to occur in the Chicago area.  Walking in a crosswalk is supposed to provide safe passage for pedestrians.  Many Chicago pedestrian accidents – some summarized on this site under the “Pedestrian Accidents” category – have occurred while a person is legally walking in a crosswalk.

In general, there are many reasons that pedestrian accidents occur.  Some involve distraction, either “distracted driving” or “distracted walking.”  Other times, when a person is hit by a vehicle it has to do with the driver simply “not seeing” the walker.

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