New Methods To Reduce The Number Of “Wrong-Way Driver” Crashes

“Wrong-Way Driver” accidents continue to be a substantial traffic safety issue nationally.  These crashes often result in “head-on” collisions that cause serious injuries to all vehicle occupants involved.  Often, vehicle occupants are pronounced dead at the accident scene.

On this site, many “Wrong-Way Driver” accidents that have occurred in Illinois have been summarized.  These summaries, in which injuries and fatalities have occurred, are found in the “Wrong-Way Drivers” category.

There have been many efforts to try to reduce these accidents that result when drivers travel in the wrong direction.  Installation of signs alerting drivers that they are traveling in the wrong direction has been one such effort.

On May 29, 2018 CBS News ran a segment (“Arizona invests in thermal cameras to combat wrong-way driver crashes“) regarding Arizona’s efforts to try to reduce “wrong-way driver” crashes.  As seen in the article, among the measures taken have been installation of signs, thermal cameras to alert authorities when a driver is traveling in the wrong direction, and electronic signage that can alert drivers of the existence of a “wrong-way driver.”

Two excerpts from the article:

The number of Americans killed each year in wrong-way crashes has increased more than 38 percent since 2013. These types of collisions are 50 times more likely to be deadly compared to all vehicle crashes. Now Arizona is investing in a possible high-tech solution that instantly alerts police and drivers.

States are finding that good signage and common sense aren’t enough to always stop a wrong-way driver from getting on a freeway, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.


Col. Frank Milstead, who oversees Arizona’s highway patrol, said he gets a call for a wrong-way driver every shift, and they often have something in common.

“Sixty-five percent of the all those people that we stop and arrest for going the wrong way are impaired. It’s not a highway problem. It’s an impairment problem,” Milstead said.

Additional details can be seen in both the article as well as video segment.


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