Mount Olive Illinois Man Crushed By Car He Was Working On

There has been another fatal incident in which a man has been crushed by the vehicle he was working on.

This accident occurred on Friday, November 4. A man, Thomas Knowles, 37, of Mount Olive, was crushed by his car as it rolled over him. He had crawled under his car to fix a starter problem, and he apparently left the vehicle in gear.

Knowles was found about 9:30 a.m. Friday by workers at Frank Holten State Park.

Investigators found the car was on blocks. It is being reported that when the car started, it rolled forward and crushed Knowles between the blocks and car’s undercarriage.

More details and possible updates can be found in the November 5 article titled “Man working on stalled car is crushed when it falls on him” as well as the November 5 Chicago Tribune article titled “Illinois man crushed to death while fixing car.”

A similar incident, in which a man was run over by the truck which he had been driving, was summarized in a September 5 blog post titled “Man Run Over By Truck He Was Driving Near Litchfield Illinois.”

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