Man Dragged Under SUV In Bridgeport Bicycle Accident

There was a bicycle accident on May 2, 2016 in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.  The bicyclist was dragged under the SUV that struck him and sustained various serious injuries.

According to Chicago Police, the accident happened as the bicyclist, identified as Scott Jacobson, 47, of Chicago, was riding his bike westbound along 35th Street at approximately 6:00 p.m.  At that time, a SUV heading east made a “u-turn” and struck Jacobson.  Jacobson was then dragged under the SUV for a considerable distance, with one media source indicating this happened for blocks.  Jacobson was trapped under the SUV but Chicago firefighters at a nearby fire house at 35th and Lowe Avenue were able to lift the SUV off of him.

An excerpt from the article of May 11, 2016, titled “‘Gangbangers’ Who Hit Cyclist Should Face Tougher Charge, Officers Says“:

The black SUV that hit and dragged Jacobson was driven by Joshua Thomas, 26, who was with a group of other men police said were documented “gangbangers,” according to Officer Martin Loughney at a Deering District CAPS meeting Tuesday.

“The gangbangers saw him and thought, ‘I’ll just run him over,’ ” Loughney said. “This is just senseless.”

Another excerpt from the article mentioned above:

Thomas and his friends only face misdemeanor charges, Loughney said. Thomas faces charges of reckless driving and driving without insurance, among other charges, and is no longer in police custody.

However, it is possible that the charges will be upgraded.

Jacobson suffered severe serious injuries.  The May 7 article (with video) titled “Cyclist hit and dragged by SUV speaks out for first time” quotes Jacobson as he discusses these injuries:

“My pelvis is broken in three places. The ball in my femur is broken. I have road rash burns that go down to the bone,” Scott says.

Additional details regarding this Chicago bicycle accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the and articles mentioned above.


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