Low-Speed Accidents – Harmless or Harmful?

Many assume that low-speed car (or other vehicle) accidents are harmless to the health of those involved. However, there is a growing body of evidence that challenges this assumption.

This topic is especially relevant to those who have been involved in low-speed accidents as it may well determine whether or not compensation will be received for injuries incurred during these low-speed collisions.

Many of these low-speed injuries are commonly referred to as “whiplash.” While “whiplash” injuries can have many manifestations – some symptoms may not be immediately apparent – perhaps its most common cause is when a rear-end collision causes the neck and spine to stretch impulsively due to the sudden impact.

Many factors determine whether a “whiplash” injury is sustained, including – but not limited to – speed of the crash, angle of the collision, whether the impact was expected by the occupant, car seat design, seat headrest design, seat headrest height, car bumper design, relative sizes and weights of vehicles involved, etc.

Symptoms of “whiplash” can include neck, shoulder, and back pain; muscular strain; headaches; possible degeneration of the spine; possible disc herniations; tingling in the hands and/or fingers; and a range of other maladies.

As always, should you be involved in a low-speed auto collision, it is highly advisable to obtain the counsel of attorney.

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