Lawsuit Brought Against City Of Chicago In Maya Hirsch Case To Be Settled For $3.25 Million

In the May 1 blog post titled “City Of Chicago Settlement In Maya Hirsch Hit & Run Accident,” the Maya Hirsch case and the underlying Chicago hit & run accident were discussed. However, at that time, the amount of the settlement was not disclosed.

Yesterday, various media sources disclosed that the City of Chicago settled the case for $3.25 million.

The Chicago Sun-Times article of July 23, titled “City to pay $3.25 million to family of Maya Hirsch, 4, killed in crosswalk near zoo” summarizes the reasons for the City of Chicago settlement. An EXCERPT:

Prior to Monday’s Finance Committee vote, First Deputy Corporation Counsel Leslie Darling said the city’s ability to defend itself against the lawsuit was undermined by several factors.

The stop sign on Roth’s right-hand side was “at least two inches lower than” the seven feet mandated by law and by the city’s own installation manual, Darling said.

The city’s, “No Parking Tow Zone” was only 11.5 ft. before the stop sign — even though city ordinance prohibits parking within 30 feet of an intersection — allowing parked cars to interfere with the visibility of the sign and the intersection, she said. And the painted crosswalk and stop bar lines were “faded and warn,” having last been painted six years before the accident.

“Because Belden Avenue dead-ends into Lincoln Park West with the unbroken foliage of Lincoln Park to the east, plaintiffs claim that the natural topography of the area — combined with the city’s negligence — created a condition where the intersection was inconspicuous and Roth did not realize he had to stop,” Darling said.

In addition, Darling said that Roth had testified that he did not see a stop sign, intersection, or the victims prior to the accident. Depositions from several neighborhood residents also buttressed the argument that the intersection was dangerous and that many motorists would drive through the intersection without stopping, and that they had alerted the City of the problem on many occasions.

Additional details on the case and settlement can be found in the above-mentioned Chicago Sun-Times article as well as a variety of other media sources including the July 23 ABC7News story titled “City to pay Maya Hirsch family $3.25M in 2006 hit-and-run death.”

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