Lawsuit And Countersuit In June Amtrak Train Accident That Killed Six People In Nevada

A lawsuit and countersuit have been filed regarding the June 24 train accident involving an Amtrak train and truck in Nevada that killed six people. The accident is recalled in the June 26 CBS story titled “Death toll from Amtrak crash raised to 6.”

A lawsuit has been filed by Amtrak regarding the accident. As seen in the CBS Local story of June 30 titled “Amtrak Files Suit Against Trucking Company“:

Following the lead of an injured onboard attendant, Amtrak is suing a Nevada trucking company for at least $10 million for negligence in the hiring and training of a driver who slammed a tractor-trailer into the side of a passenger train last week, killing six.


The new lawsuit said John Davis Trucking is liable for at least $10 million in damages suffered by Amtrak because it failed to properly train “or failed to train altogether” the driver before he crashed into the train, even as the crossing gates and flashing warning lights showed it was approaching.


Amtrak’s lawsuit alleges the company “negligently hired Valli and diligently entrusted the vehicle to Valli, who it knew or should have known was incompetent and/or unqualified to operate the Peterbilt tractor trailer combination.”

The trucking company has filed a countersuit. As seen in the July 31 WGN story titled “Nevada trucking firm countersues Amtrak, Union Pacific in June crash” :

John Davis Trucking Co. says the companies did not adequately warn drivers of oncoming traffic.

The trucking company also claims the railroad companies breached their duties “by allowing trains to accelerate in the approach to the grade crossing.”


John Davis Trucking’s countersuit seeks unspecified damages and accident-related expenses.

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