Injuries Caused By Damaged Sidewalks In Chicago

The problem of crumbling and poorly maintained sidewalks in Chicago was featured in a September 20 CBS Chicago (Channel 2) segment. This is recapped in an article titled “Thousands Of Crumbling Sidewalks Going Unfixed.”

Some excerpts from the article:

It’s not hard to find cracked, broken and crumbling sidewalks in Chicago. Just about every neighborhood has problem and sometimes dangerous sidewalks and it’s likely to get worse with budget cutbacks threatened by the mayor.


Last year, Chicago officials received 12,596 requests for sidewalk repairs.

Of those, 971 were fixed and then the city replaced another 172 blocks of sidewalks as part of their regular maintenance – an effort that left thousands of sidewalks in disrepair.


The 2 Investigators have learned that, over the past three years, the city has paid out $3.5 million to people injured by broken sidewalks.

Michael Surratt received one of the largest settlements – $375,000 – after tripping on a hole and falling on a downtown sidewalk.

According to Surratt’s attorney, the accident was compounded by fact that the city of Chicago knew there was a problem with the sidewalk where Suratt fell.

The article gives numerous examples of people who have been injured on damaged sidewalks.

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