Increase In Chicago Bicycle Commuting

Newly released statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau reveal that bicycling as a form of commuting has more than doubled in recent years. According to this report, in Chicago roughly 1.3 percent of Chicago workers – close to 16,000 people – rode a bike to work between 2008 and 2012. This compares to an estimated 0.5 percent of city workers who pedaled to work in 2000.

The article of May 8, 2014, titled “Biking in Chicago More Than Doubled in Last Decade, Census Says” discusses various findings of the report, and cites various statistics concerning bicycling in Chicago. An EXCERPT:

Currently, Chicago has more than 200 miles of on-street, protected, buffered and shared bike lanes, according to the city’s Transportation. It also has 18½ miles of trails along the lakefront.

In 2013, the city installed 19 miles of protected bike lanes, bringing the total to 49 miles, officials said. Twenty more miles of protected bike lanes will be instralled this spring and summer, Emanuel said in April. Another 30 miles are planned for later this year and early 2015, the city said.

As well, the Chicago Tribune article of May 8, 2014, titled “Study: Commuting by bike is gaining traction in Chicago” discusses various aspects of the Census Bureau’s findings, and other implications. An EXCERPT:

But the transition hasn’t come without conflict, or tragedy. The city’s Department of Transportation logged 32 fatal bicycle crashes and 8,861 injury-causing crashes from 2005 to 2010, according to a crash data report. The majority of the crashes occurred in and north of downtown, the city’s report said. State Department of Transportation statistics show a majority of cycling crashes happen on urban roads.

Nearly 7,000 cyclists died in the United States from 2001 to 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Of course, a primary hazard present to bicyclists – in Chicago and particularly acute in other areas with busy, narrow streets and parallel parking – is that of bicycling “dooring” accidents. Those accident were discussed in the November 23, 2013 post titled “Preventing Bicycling ‘Dooring’ Accidents.”

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