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“Head-On Collisions” Result In Various Serious Injuries

“Head-On Collisions” result in many serious accidents, and these accidents often cause critical injuries.  In many cases these injuries lead to fatalities.

Various aspects of “head-on collisions” are further discussed on the “Accidents Involving ‘Head-On Collisions’” page, including “what to do” if you have been injured in a vehicle accident.

There was a fatal accident involving a “head-on collision” Friday afternoon (October 27, 2017) in Peoria County.

The accident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the October 28, 2017 article titled “Coroner identifies man killed in Friday’s car accident on Kickapoo Creek Road” as well as the October 27 article titled “Man dead, woman in critical condition following crash.”

An excerpt regarding the crash, from the article:

Jeffrey S. Hess was pronounced dead at 1 p.m., said Jamie Harwood. He was the sole occupant of a small, red sedan that was traveling north on Creek Road when it collided with a mid-sized SUV that was headed southbound. The head-on collision spun out both cars and left a large swath of debris in the road. Members of the Bartonville and Limestone fire departments extricated Hess from his car and initiated CPR.

Hess was 28 years old and from Pekin.

It has not yet been determined what caused the accident.  The accident investigation is being conducted by the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department.

An excerpt regarding the driver of the other vehicle (a SUV) who was critically injured:

The pregnant driver of the SUV, a 24-year-old Peoria woman, was taken to the hospital. Harwood said he was notified the baby was delivered stillborn at 7:15 p.m. Friday. There will be no autopsy. The woman’s name has not been released.

Additional details concerning this fatal “head-on collision” can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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