Getting A Medical Check-Up Following A Vehicle Accident

After each post on this Chicago Illinois Car Accident Lawyer Blog, there is a link provided to a reference document titled “10 Steps You Should Follow After An Auto Accident.”

One of these steps is “Get a medical check-up.” As described:

We recommend that you and your passengers get a medical check-up following an automobile accident. Some injuries are not immediately apparent, and a physical performed by your physician or other qualified medical professional can check for injuries that went unnoticed right after the accident.

There are various reasons for following this step, including those with both medical and legal bases.

A recent bicycle accident in Aurora underscores the importance of getting a timely and comprehensive medical examination after any accident – even if you think that you didn’t sustain any injuries during the accident.

The Aurora bicycle accident is featured in the July 18, 2014 Aurora Beacon-News article titled “Bicyclist realizes depth of injuries hours after Aurora crash.” As seen in the article, the bicyclist initially thought he didn’t get any injuries resulting from the accident, only to encounter health problems a few hours later. These health problems included difficulty breathing and vomiting blood.

An excerpt from the article concerning what happened next:

He was taken to the emergency room at Presence Mercy Medical Center in Aurora, where it was determined he had bleeding on his brain as well as possible internal bleeding.

Doctors transferred Owens to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove for surgery.

Additional details regarding this Aurora bicycle accident and the injuries sustained can be seen in the Aurora Beacon-News article mentioned above.

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