Fire Death Lawsuit Against Building Owners In Chicago

The family of one of the firefighters who died in a building collapse last year filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the buildings owners.

The building collapse claimed the lives of firefighters Corey Ankum and Edward Stringer last December. The firefighters had responded to a fire in an abandoned building on East 75th Street. The building’s roof sudden and unexpected collapse proved deadly.

Stringer’s daughter, Jennifer, 23, said “My dad, Edward Stringer, lost his life because of a negligent owner. Neither my father nor his comrade would have died that day if this building had been properly secured or better yet, torn down.”

In the lawsuit, it noted the building was in foreclosure and was cited for 14 code violations by the city. Among the violations was the owners’ failure to maintain the roof in sound condition and repair.

The hope among Stringer and her attorney is that this lawsuit will encourage a change of policy at both the city and state level. The idea is that tougher penalties on owners who let their properties fall into disrepair will discourage such disrepair, which is a hazard to firefighters who respond to fires in such buildings.

Named in the lawsuit are Chuck and Richard Dai, who also own Sam Moy Laundry on East 75th Street. Chuck Dai commented briefly, saying the situation is unfortunate and that his heart is hurting for the families.

Additional details and possible updates can be found in the October 19 ABC Chicago story titled “Firefighter Edward Stringer family to sue after deadly collapse on East 75th Street.”

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