Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC Client Awarded $56,233 Jury Verdict In Chicago Kennedy Expressway Accident

According to the Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter of July 1, 2011, an Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC client, Simcha Smolensky, was awarded a jury verdict of $56,233 in the case Simcha Smolensky v Daniel Ilahi. The case was tried May 17-19, 2011.

The accident happened on April 1, 2011. The plaintiff rear-ended the defendant’s vehicle as the defendant was in the process of stopping his car in the right lane on the southbound Kennedy Expressway (Interstate 90) near Cumberland Avenue.

The plaintiff, Simcha Smolensky, sustained a fracture of one rib, and was held overnight in a hospital for observation, for which hospital bills totaled $21,971. He fully recovered from his injury after one month.

The defense, State Farm attorneys, argued that the plaintiff, Mr. Smolensky, was at fault since he rear-ended the defendant and was claimed to be following too closely for conditions. Tony Elman, of the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC, argued that Mr. Smolensky was “cut off” by the defendant, thus causing the accident.

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