DUI Accident In Skokie, Illinois That Killed 8-Year-Old Boy

Additional details are emerging regarding a Monday afternoon DUI accident that killed Carter Vo, 8, of Skokie, Illinois.

Hanin Goma, of Skokie, has been charged with aggravated DUI resulting in death, and a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of drugs.

An excerpt from the May 23 Skokie TribLocal article titled “SECOND UPDATE: Felony DUI charge filed in Skokie crash that killed boy, 8” :

Investigators say a woman with a previous drug possession conviction was smoking pot Monday morning, and later that day the vehicle she was driving struck an 8-year-old boy in Skokie, pushing the bike he was riding on a sidewalk across the street and into a parked car. Carter Vo, a second grader at Madison Elementary School in Skokie, died in the accident.


Blood and urine tests at Skokie Hospital showed she had cannabis and amphetamines in her system when the crash happened at the intersection of St. Louis Avenue and Main Street, prosecutors said in court this morning.

As Goma was turning onto Main Street, she struck an eastbound Ford Van; after the impact, her car spun over the median and landed on the sidewalk on the intersection’s northeast corner, thereby striking Vo, sending the bike against a parked car while Vo was thrown against the curb. Vo was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Additional details and possible updates can be found in a variety of media sources including the Skokie TribLocal article mentioned above as well as the CBS Chicago story of May 22 titled “Skokie Police Investigate Crash That Killed Boy.”

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