Drug-Impaired Driving Has Caused Serious Injuries And Fatalities

Drug-impaired driving has been increasing in frequency.  Some statistics indicate that incidents of such “drugged driving” may now equal or exceed that of driving while impaired by alcohol.

On this site, accidents causing injury (including deaths) involving drug-impaired driving are summarized in posts found under the “DUI” category.  As seen in those posts, as well as other Chicago-area “drugged driver” accidents, associated accident injuries are often serious in nature and fatalities are common.

Many types of illegal drugs have been used before drug-impaired driving.  Among the most commonly cited drugs are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and meth.  However, many other drugs have also been involved, and some of the most serious accidents have involved drivers who have been “huffing” (i.e. inhaling chemicals or drugs).

Drug-impaired driving is further discussed on the “Vehicle Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page. As discussed on that page, drugs can have many different influences on one’s ability to properly operate a vehicle.  Distance perception, ability to concentrate, and speed perception can all be impaired. There have been many Illinois crashes that have occurred after a drug-impaired driver lost control, and the ensuing accident caused serious injuries or fatalities.

Another example of an accident in which a motorist was allegedly drug-impaired driving at the time of the crash occurred in Cahokia, Illinois.  The December 9, 2019 bnd.com article titled “Cahokia IL woman charged with aggravated DUI in fatal crash” discusses the fatal accident in which a driver has been charged with driving while impaired (DUI). An excerpt from the article:

A Cahokia woman has been charged with aggravated driving under the influence in a car accident that caused the death of an East St. Louis woman in August.

Loren C. Hearty, 31, was charged on Nov. 27, St. Clair County Court records show. According to the charging document, Hearty was under the influence of fentanyl when she was behind the wheel of a Dodge Caravan that hit and killed Eva Willis, 39, on Aug. 15 in Cahokia.

Around 3:20 p.m. that day, Hearty’s eastbound van crossed into the opposite lane on Camp Jackson Road near Paris Avenue and struck Willis, who was waiting at a bus stop.

Additional details regarding the subject of drug-impaired driving and the associated accidents can be seen in the above-mentioned sources.


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