Construction Project To Improve Des Plaines Golf Road Traffic Circle

“Roundabouts” and “traffic circles” are often a source for confusion among motorists.  While there are rules and suggestions for navigating around and through these traffic circles, often these rules are not followed and accidents often occur.  Many of these crashes are caused by “failure to yield.”  These accidents often involve one or more drivers and other vehicle occupants being injured.

In the Chicago area, one of the oldest and most well-known traffic circles is in Des Plaines at Wolf Road and Golf Road.  High volumes of traffic often flow through this area.

The Daily Herald article of March 30, 2018 (“Cumberland Circle reconstruction in Des Plaines beginning soon“) discusses the project to upgrade the “Cumberland Circle.”  The construction project is supposed to begin Tuesday (April 3, 2018.)

An excerpt from the article:

“I think it’s something that’s needed and overdue,” said Alderman Dick Sayad, who recalling having some close calls while driving through the traffic circle. “That’s the No. 1 place for accidents in Des Plaines.”

According to city statistics, 421 accidents occurred in the traffic circle between 2005 and 2011. Most of the crashes were the results of drivers turning into other vehicles, rear ending or sideswiping each other. Despite the high number of crashes, only about 10 percent resulted in injuries.

The article also discusses the benefits of the $4.6 million improvement project, including those meant to improve pedestrian safety.

Additional details regarding these traffic safety improvements can be seen in the article mentioned above.


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