City Of Chicago Pending $7.4 Million Lawsuit Settlement For May 2011 Truck Accident

The City of Chicago is close to approving another legal settlement regarding the May 2011 accident caused by a drunken City of Chicago worker who plowed his truck into a crowd of pedestrians on a Gold Coast sidewalk.

The May 22, 2011 post, titled “City Truck Collision Sends 8 To Hospital In Chicago,” summarizes the original truck accident. The December 12, 2012 post, titled “City Of Chicago $6.25 Million Settlement Of Lawsuit” summarizes a previous lawsuit settlement. The September 23, 2013 post, titled “$2.4 Million Jury Verdict Awarded To Man Hit By City Of Chicago Truck” discusses a jury verdict awarded to Stephen Dewart, who was also injured during the accident.

As well, the July 20, 2011 post, titled “Woman Hit By City of Chicago Truck May 21 Recall Accident” discusses the recollections and injuries of Jennifer Anton, a victim of this truck accident, who filed a civil lawsuit regarding this vehicle accident.

The lawsuit settlement that the City of Chicago is currently close to approving is for that lawsuit filed by Jennifer Anton. An excerpt from the Chicago Sun-Times article of January 13, titled “Legal settlements from drunk worker’s accident cost city $16 million” :

On Monday, the City Council’s Finance Committee signed off on a $7.4 million settlement to one of the most seriously injured victims, now 26-year-old former nanny Jennifer Anton.

Another article in the January 13, 2014 Chicago Tribune, titled “City poised to pay $7.4 million in drunken Gold Coast crash,” also discusses the proposed lawsuit settlement. An EXCERPT:

The full City Council will consider the payment to Anton Wednesday. It’s just the latest financial fallout for the city from the Washington case.

In 2012, the city paid $6.25 million to Richard Chang, who was pinned under the truck, and his wife, Leeann, who suffered less severe injuries. Richard Chang suffered brain injuries in the incident, officials said at the time. And Stephen Dewart, who also was struck by the truck driven by Washington, was paid $2.4 million by the city.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the blog posts and articles mentioned above.

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