City of Chicago $1.36 Million Settlement For Police Chase Accident

There has been a settlement reached by the City of Chicago for a man injured after being hit by a car being chased by Chicago Police. The City of Chicago will pay the man $1.36 million.

The Chicago Sun-Times had an article on October 2 that discussed the case and settlement, titled “City to pay $1.36 million to man injured in police chase.” A couple of notable excerpts include:

Chicago taxpayers will spend $1.36 million to compensate a man who suffered severe leg injuries after his car was hit head-on by a vehicle being chased by Chicago Police officers who had been ordered to stop the pursuit, under a settlement advanced Tuesday by a City Council committee.

The accident that permanently incapacitated William Kurtz occurred at 12:45 a.m. on Oct. 3, 2009.

The article summarizes the details regarding the police chase, as well as indicates the injuries sustained by Kurtz. As stated by the article:

Kurtz suffered a crushing fracture of his right foot with a large open wound and sustained multiple fractures of his lower left leg and foot.

After a series of complicated surgeries — including the removal of nearly two-thirds of the bone on the top of his right foot — Kurtz has an abnormal gait, suffers chronic pain and stiffness and walks with a cane.

He can no longer work as a maintenance supervisor for a towing company, a job that required Kurtz to be on his feet.

The article also discusses police chase procedures in effect during the incident, as well as other previous settlements stemming from police chase accidents.

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