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A wrongful death lawsuit was filed regarding a hit & run accident that occurred in downtown Chicago.  The wrongful death lawsuit was filed regarding the death of Zoraleigh Ryan, who on August 10, 2020 was fatally injured by a SUV that hit her and her daughter.  The hit & run happened as Zoraleigh Ryan and her daughter, Shannon, were walking across Hubbard Street in a crosswalk.

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The winning attorneys of Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC , Anthony R. Elman and Frederick Joseph III, settled a Chicago wrongful death case for $975,000. The State Farm insurance policy was $1,000,000. The lawsuit involved the death of an 86-year-old elderly man who died as a result of a fire at a Chicago apartment.

Eddie Fort, 86, was visiting friends at their apartment in the South Side of Chicago on Christmas Day, 2017. After everyone went to bed, a fire of an unknown origin broke out in Mr. Fort’s room. The fire engulfed the entire apartment. Despite the best efforts of the decedent’s (Eddie Fort) friends and Chicago Fire Department first responders, he did not survive.

Initial interviews with Chicago Fire Department officials indicated that there may have been some non-working smoke detectors in the multi-unit building owned by the defendant. The defendant’s insurance company, State Farm, denied that their insured was liable for any non- working smoke detectors, and refused to offer anything to the victim’s family until after they were represented by Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC. State Farm Insurance claimed that all the smoke detectors were operational and fully functioning at the time of this fire.

Wrongful death lawsuits are often filed following a fatal accident in which negligent actions of one person (or party) causes the death of another person.  The September 27, 2017 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Family of Florida man killed in I-57 crash suing trucker” discusses a wrongful death lawsuit regarding an I-57 fatal accident near Manteno.

As seen in the article, as well as the description seen in this September 21 Daily Journal article, the fatal accident involved a semi truck that “rear-ended” a Toyota car, causing a front-seat passenger in the Toyota, Jake H. Hemrick, 26, of Tampa, Florida, to die in the crash.  A back seat passenger also died following the accident, and the Toyota’s driver suffered injuries considered to be life-threatening in nature.

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On September 17, 2016 there was a fatal motorcycle accident in Springfield.  [The accident is summarized in the September 17, 2016 post titled “Springfield Collision Seriously Injures Motorcyclist And Passenger.”]  The collision involved a motorcycle with passenger and a SUV.  The motorcyclist and passenger (identified as Nathan M. Gulley, 17, of Moweaqua and Isaiah M. Tuppince, 16, of Assumption, respectively) were both seriously hurt, sustaining life-threatening injuries in the crash.  Both later died from their accident injuries.

There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed with regard to the accident.  The plaintiff is Tuppince’s mother, Monica Brown.

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On November 5, 2016, there was a fatal two-vehicle crash in rural Kane County.  Two teenagers – Arthur Stenger, 16, of Montgomery, and Elijah Vajgert, 16, of Maple Park – died in the crash.  The accident – in which Stenger was the driver – is summarized in the November 6, 2016 post titled “Fatal Car Accident In Unincorporated Kane County.”

Recently, there has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed with regard to the crash.  That wrongful death lawsuit is summarized in the Daily Herald article of March 10, 2017, titled “Family of teen killed in crash sues family of classmate behind wheel.”

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In the December 22, 2016 post (“Little Village Fatal Pedestrian Accident“) a fatal pedestrian accident that happened in Chicago was summarized.  The accident involved a woman (Telesfora Escamilla, 84, of Chicago) being fatally struck by a delivery truck with an Amazon logo.  One notable aspect of the accident was that it occurred as Telesfora Escamilla was walking in a crosswalk.

Recently, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County regarding the fatal accident.  Among the defendants listed is and the truck’s driver, Valdimar C. Gray, 29, of Chicago.

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There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed regarding a fatal two-vehicle accident that happened in Kane County.  The accident, which happened on March 29, 2016, involved a “head-on collision” between a Ford F150 pickup truck and Chevy Trailblazer.  The collision occurred on Route 31, north of Mooseheart Road, after the Ford F150 crossed the road’s centerline and went into the opposite lane, thereby striking the oncoming Chevy Trailblazer.

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On June 15, 2016, there was a fatal bicycle accident in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.  In that accident, which was summarized in the June 15 post titled “Fatal Bicycle Accident In Chicago’s Gold Coast Neighborhood” the 29-year-old bicyclist was identified as Blaine Klingenberg.

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The July 1, 2016 post (“Fatal Bicycle Accident In Chicago’s Avondale Neighborhood“) summarized a truck-bicycle accident that led to the death of Virginia Murray, 25, of Chicago.  At the time of the accident, she was riding a Divvy bike when she was struck by a truck as both Murray and the truck driver attempted to turn from Sacramento Avenue onto Belmont Avenue.

As discussed on the “Chicago Bicycling Accidents” page, there are many reasons that bicycle accidents occur in Chicago.  As well, common types of such accidents are discussed, as well as what one should do if one is in a bicycle accident.

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On Saturday (July 11, 2015) there was a fatal car accident in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

The accident involved a car that lost control and drove onto a sidewalk, thereby fatally striking a 13-month-old infant, Dillan Harris, who was in a stroller.  The car had been fleeing a police chase.

Now, the mother of Dillan Harris, Shatrelle McComb, has filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County, against the City of Chicago and the police officers involved in the police chase that preceded the fatal accident.  The alleged driver of the car, Antoine Watkins, 21, was also named in the lawsuit.

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