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There was a fatal collision early Friday morning (January 12, 2018) in South Holland.  The collision involved a car and IDOT snow plow.

Details on the accident appear somewhat limited at this time.  The cause of the crash does not appear to be publicly disclosed.

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Accidents involving trucks continue to receive considerable attention due to many reasons.  These accidents often cause serious accident injuries to those involved, due to the weight of the trucks as well as the speed at which truck accidents typically occur.  As well, the subject of truck driver safety continues to receive attention, as many fatal Illinois truck accidents have happened after truck drivers have either fallen asleep while driving or have been inattentive while driving due to fatigue.  Truck drivers can become “drowsy” and inattentive if they drive for extended periods between rest periods.

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Accidents in which one vehicle crosses the center line, and causes a collision with an oncoming vehicle, often cause serious accident injuries, and in many cases one or more fatalities.  While there are various reasons for why crashes caused by one vehicle crossing the center line causes serious injuries, the collision that follows is often a “head-on collision.”  Such “head-on crashes” have led to many fatal accidents in Illinois.  If the vehicle occupants (driver and passengers) who are involved in the “head-on collisions” are not wearing a seat belt at the time of the collision, there is a high possibility that the occupant will be ejected (i.e. partially or fully thrown) from the vehicle.  These ejections are often highly physically traumatic.

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There was a multi-vehicle accident Monday afternoon (September 19, 2016) on Interstate 94 (westbound I-94) in Gurnee.  According to a preliminary investigation this “chain-reaction” happened after a semi truck didn’t slow fast enough and ran into a car.

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There was a five-vehicle accident Monday afternoon (August 1, 2016) on I-80 near Ottawa, which is in LaSalle County.   The accident involved four trucks and a car.

According to the Illinois State Police (ISP) the crash happened in the westbound lanes near mile marker 93.  The crash happened at approximately 1:00 p.m.

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There was an accident early Friday morning (June 19, 2015) on Interstate 55 (I-55) near Summit in which a semi truck collided with 13 other vehicles.

According to the Illinois State Police (ISP), the accident happened at approximately 3:40 a.m., and occurred after a semi truck driver fell asleep, at which time his truck collided with 13 cars in a construction zone.  The accident happened on I-55 south of First Avenue.

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A lawsuit has been filed regarding the January 27, 2014 I-88 fatal truck accident. This truck accident was summarized in the January 28, 2014 post titled “Fatal I-88 Truck Collision.”

In this truck accident, Vincent Petrella, an Illinois Tollway worker, was killed, and Illinois State Police Trooper Douglas Balder was seriously injured.

The lawsuit that has been filed was done so by Trooper Douglas Balder. He and his wife, Kimberli Balder, are both named as plaintiffs in this lawsuit.

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There was a truck rollover accident on the Dan Ryan Expressway near 81st Street on Saturday morning (February 1, 2014).

This vehicle accident, which involved a car and semi truck, happened at approximately 5:30 a.m.

An excerpt from the news article of February 1, 2014, titled “Dan Ryan semi crash blocks southbound lanes near 81st Street” :

Sources told Eyewitness News that the trucker was attempting to steer clear of a car that loss control and slammed into wall and that the driver of the car was cited by Illinois state police for driving too fast for conditions, but no ticket was issued to the trucker.

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There was a fatal truck accident on Interstate 88 (I-88) in Aurora on Monday night, January 27, 2014.

This truck accident happened as an IDOT equipment operator and an Illinois State Police (ISP) Trooper were assisting the driver of a semi truck that was disabled in the eastbound lanes, near Eola Road. At approximately 9:45 p.m., another semi truck collided with the disabled semi, the IDOT truck, and the Illinois State Police car.

The resulting collision created a fire that engulfed all of the vehicles.

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