Cars In Bike Lanes In Chicago

Bicycling safety remains a critical issue, especially given that bicycling has been growing in popularity both as a recreational activity as well as a means for commuting to work.

In this site, bicycle safety issues – as well as bicycling accidents – are seen in the bicycling accidents category.

One way that cities are trying to improve safety for bicyclists is the creation of bike lanes.  These bike lanes create a dedicated area in which bicyclists can ride, separated from traffic.  In theory, these bike lanes should decrease the number of bicycle accidents and collisions, and possibly lessen other incidents like dooring accidents.

However, bicycle lanes often are only denoted by painted lines, and as such vehicles can – and often do – inappropriately drive and/or park in these bicycle lanes.

The article of January 14, 2016, titled “A Cyclist’s Revenge:  City Cracking Down on Cars in Bike Lanes, Data Shows” discusses the City of Chicago’s efforts to cite motorists who violate bike lanes, as well as associated issues.

Excerpts from the article include:

In 2015, the city issued 2,473 tickets for the violation, which carries a $150 fine, through the middle of December. That’s slightly higher than in 2014, when 2,331 tickets were issued and more than double than in 2011, when 1,115 tickets were issued, according to the data.


About 1 in every 1,250 parking tickets in Chicago are for parking in bike lanes. The city issued more than 12.2 million parking tickets between December 2010 and December 2015.


Since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in 2011, the city has added 106 miles of buffered or protected bike lanes, which brings the city’s total up to 292 miles, according to Mike Claffey, a spokesman for CDOT.

According to Claffey, the increase in the number of tickets is due to the city “stepp[ing] up efforts to keep [bike lanes] free of parked and stopped vehicles, both through education and enforcement.”

Additional details – including an interactive map of where tickets have been issued – and possible updates can be seen in the article mentioned above.


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