Car Crash On N. Rush Street Involving Alleged Drug-Impaired Driver

Drivers who drive while impaired continue to be a traffic safety problem.  Such impairment can be caused by either the consumption of alcohol or drug usage.  Sometimes the impairment involves both the consumption of alcohol as well as drug usage.

Drivers who are impaired by drug usage (also called “drugged drivers”) can have many challenges in controlling their vehicles.  There can be many complex impacts of drug use on coordination and motor skills.  These impacts vary substantially depending upon many different factors, including the drugs involved.  As well, if two or more drugs are used this mixed-drug use can have a complex – and magnified – impact on impairment.  Among the most common drugs used by drug-impaired drivers include marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth.

There have been many Chicago-area crashes involving drivers who drive while high on drugs.  Many of these crashes have led to one or more people being serious – or fatally – injured.  On Friday (August 27, 2021) there was a crash in downtown Chicago involving a driver who was allegedly driving while impaired by drug use.

This crash is discussed in the August 29, 2021 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Felon on probation crashed into Dior store…”  Two excerpts, referring to the driver, Adrian Guiterrez, 34, of Avondale:

About 11:20 a.m. Friday, Guiterrez was driving “erratically” through the downtown area in his Chevrolet Camaro, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Ravin. He drove the wrong way down several streets, hit an occupied parked car and “narrowly missed” pedestrians before barreling into the glass window of the Dior store, 931 N. Rush St.


Several officers and the store’s security guard noticed a “white powdery crust” on Guiterrez’s face, Ravin said. A toxicology report later found that his system contained cocaine and a benzodiazepine, a type of drug commonly used to treat anxiety.

Guiterrez was charged with driving under the influence and other charges related to the incident.

Additional details regarding this impairment crash can be seen in the article.


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