Cab Driver Safety In Chicago – Investigative Reports

Lately there have been quite a few media stories about Chicago cab drivers and various facets related to some of their driving records.

One such story on September 22, from Channel 2 (CBS Chicago) is titled “2 Investigators: City Vows To Crack Down On Dangerous Cabbies.”

One of the problems is that although some cab drivers get issued many tickets, they have far less convictions stemming from these tickets. As the story says:

It happens because many of the tickets – sometimes, most of them — get dismissed because the complaining witness is not in court. Typically that’s the police officer who wrote them.

Another problem has to do with the insurance coverage cabbies carry. As stated in the article:

The crashes underscore another problem, says Michelle Crayton’s attorney.

“What is most outrageous is that the vast majority of cabs on the road today have the same level of insurance that they had 23 years ago,” he said.

That level of insurance is $350,000 per incident, the minimum required by the city. That won’t cover the medical costs for Crayton’s broken arm, hip, leg and back.

There are policy changes in the offing. As stated by the article:

Now, a citywide review of rules and ordinances for cabs is underway to update them, including the $350,000 insurance minimum.

A cab driver with three or more convictions for moving violations in the past year will no longer get his license renewed.

The city’s working to set up an electronic notification process to quickly get police information about tickets and accidents.

Another story has been done by the Chicago Tribune. This story was seen in the September 23 paper, titled “Cabbies pile up tickets but stay on the road.”

This story is relatively extensive and contains a variety of statistics. One notable excerpt from the story:

An analysis by the newspaper suggests that a far higher percentage of tickets are thrown out for cabbies on average than for regular drivers. The frequent court dismissals have repeatedly helped cabbies keep their chauffeur’s licenses — including drivers who were later blamed for injuring or killing pedestrians.

As seen in the September 13 blog post titled “Pedestrian Safety In Chicago – Report Findings,” from 2005-2009 taxicabs were involved in 28% of pedestrian accidents in the Central Business District.

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