Bicycle Accident Injuries Range Widely In Type And Severity

Bicycle accident injuries range widely in both type and severity.  Due to the physical forces involved, as well as a bicycle’s lack of structural protection, cyclists are often seriously injured when hit by a vehicle.  As seen in many Chicago-area accidents, some cyclists are fatally injured during a crash.

On this site, types of bicycle accidents are discussed on the “Chicago Bicycle Accidents” page.   Reasons that bicycle accidents occur, and the associated injuries, are discussed on the “Chicago Bicycle Accident Injuries” page.

A June 2019 bicycle accident in River North highlights the severity of injuries that can occur when a bicyclist is hit by a vehicle.  The accident is discussed in the article (with video) of December 17, 2019 titled “CTA Bus Driver Fired After Striking Cyclist…”  As seen in the article, the injured cyclist, Joseph Morgan, 24, was cycling southbound on Wells Street when he was struck by a CTA bus.

An excerpt from the article, concerning the bicycle accident injuries alleged by Morgan:

According to his attorney, Morgan, now 25, sustained significant orthopedic and gastrointestinal injuries – necessitating a rerouted colon – as a result of the crash. In response to a lawsuit filed by Morgan, both the CTA and Ajayi have admitted in court filings that Ajayi “struck and (ran) over” Morgan and admitted “negligence in the operation of (the) vehicle,” but denied Morgan’s injuries and asked the court to dismiss the complaint.

Often, bicyclists who have been injured seek to get compensation for their injuries if the accident was caused by another party, such as a motorist.  While there are many reasons an injured person may want to file an injury lawsuit, one of the primary reasons is to get compensation to cover the cost of medical care.  There are many types of injuries that can occur during a bicycle accident that require significant medical treatment.  As well, the injuries may cause ongoing physical and/or mental difficulties, depending on how the cyclist was hurt.  These temporary or permanent injuries can serve to impair the one’s ability to function normally.


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