“Back-Over Accidents” And Their Characteristics

For those unaware, “back-over accidents” are those that happen when a vehicle inadvertently hits, or runs over, an unseen person as the vehicle moves in reverse (i.e. “backs up.”)  Often times, these accidents occur because the person hit is behind the vehicle and is in the vehicle’s “blind spot.” As such, the person is not visible to the driver.  While such accidents can involve any vehicle, those vehicles that are higher off the ground as well as longer, such as SUVs, pickup trucks, and other trucks, are more likely to inherently have limited rear visibility, especially if they don’t have rear-facing cameras or collision avoidance technologies.

“Back-over accidents” have been discussed on this site on numerous occasions.  Posts that have discussed this issue include, and ways to prevent such accidents, include:

As indicated in these posts, statistics show significant number of deaths and injuries resulting from “back-over accidents.”

While there have been accidents that have occurred as vehicles back up in the Chicago area, one such recent accident happened in Florida and involved a family from Hampshire.  The fatal accident happened on Friday (February 10, 2017.)

An excerpt from the Batavia Patch article of February 11, 2017, titled “Hampshire Toddler Killed After Father Accidentally Backs SUV Over Him“:

The 3-year-old boy, Enzo Surma, was airlifted to a Florida hospital after suffering massive head trauma and later died, according to media reports. The toddler’s father, Anthony Surma, 51, of Hampshire, was at the wheel and told authorities he did not see the young boy.

“He was backing out, and he just didn’t see his son,” Sgt. Robert Rui of the Florida Highway Patrol told CBS 12. “The dangers are very high with children. It’s just a tragedy.”

Additional details and possible updates concerning this issue can be seen in the sources mentioned above, as well as the February 10 stltoday article titled “Highway Patrol:  SUV backs over, kills child.”


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