Annual Cost Of Chicago Area Traffic Crashes

On November 3 AAA Chicago issued a news release titled “AAA: Costs Associated With Traffic Crashes Are More than Three Times Greater than Congestion Costs.”

A couple of excerpts from the release:

The annual societal cost of traffic crashes is $299.5 billion, more than three times the $97.7 billion cost of congestion, according to a report released today by AAA. In the Chicago metropolitan area, the annual cost to society of traffic crashes is $11.3 billion, or $1,180 per person. Chicagoland congestion costs are almost $9.5 billion or $1,112 per person, reports AAA Chicago.


According to the study conducted for AAA by Cambridge Systematics, the overall cost of crashes ($299.5 billion) equates to an annual per person cost of $1,522, compared to $590 per person annually for congestion ($97.7 billion overall). The cost of crashes are based on the Federal Highway Administration’s comprehensive costs for traffic fatalities and injuries that assign a dollar value to a variety of components, including medical and emergency services, lost earnings and household production, property damage, and lost quality of life, among other things.

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