5-Car Pileup on Kennedy Expressway In Chicago Leaves No One Seriously Injured

On Wednesday morning, shortly before 6:30a.m., there was a 5-car accident on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago, Illinois. This accident happened in the outbound lanes just past Addison Street.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Of the five vehicles involved in the crash, one was a bakery truck; one was a SUV; and three were cars.

Traffic was severely restricted following the accident, as only one lane was open for a period of time. Traffic was backed up as far as Division Street.

More on this story can be found at a CBS Chicago story titled “5-Vehicle Pileup Turns Kennedy Into Parking Lot”

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The Chicago area is tied with Washington, D.C. as the most-congested traffic area of the country. This undoubtedly places more time pressure on motorists, which in turn can cause accidents.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in 2009 there were roughly 90,000 accidents in Illinois, comprised of 89,090 injuries caused from crashes and 911 fatalities. Of all accidents, 27.5% of accidents occurred in “urban settings” comprised of “state highways” and “interstate type roads.”

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