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Chicago Pedestrian Accidents – Year 2012 Statistics And Discussion

Chicago pedestrian accidents, many fatal, have been featured throughout this blog. Pedestrian safety continues to be a critical issue, as seen by both individual pedestrian accidents as well as the aggregate statistics.

Today, the Chicago Sun-Times published an article titled “A deadly year for pedestrians: 48 die in Chicago in 2012.”

The article contains both statistics and related commentary regarding the trends and factors behind the elevated number of Chicago pedestrian fatalities last year.

Some notable excerpts include:

Forty-eight pedestrians were killed on city streets last year — the worst numbers Chicago has seen since 2008.

That’s an increase from the past three years when 35, 30 and 31 pedestrians were killed, respectively, according to Chicago Police. The numbers are closer to 2008, when 52 pedestrians were killed.


Chicago’s numbers follow a national trend that shows an increase of traffic fatalities of all types. In data from January through September — the latest available — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said traffic fatalities increased by 7.1 percent over the same nine months in 2011. That represents the largest such increase since 1975 — the first year when NHTSA started collecting data on traffic fatalities, the study found.


Chicago is working to increase the number of traffic safety measures, as outlined in the city’s pedestrian plan unveiled last year, said spokesman Pete Scales.

Those measures include starting automated speed enforcement, adding more protected bike lanes and targeting crash hot spots for “interventions in engineering and enforcement.”

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